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Cyclosporine For Dogs

If you are a dog owner you will know why it is so important to take regular and good care of them. Dogs can be quite prone to allergies because of their exposure to all kinds of germs in the air and the materials that they consume. Cyclosporine for dogs is starting to be used as a popular treatment by lots of veterinarians all over the world. Of course, since it is a relatively new form of treatment, there have been debates in its usage. Just like all other kinds of medications, it has its pros and cons.

Cyclosporine for dogs is used basically to reduce the effect of allergies on dogs such as rashes on their skin and the itchiness that occurs when they develop an allergic reaction to something. The cyclosporine for dogs acts as an immunosuppressant which means that it stops the dogs system from reacting in a certain way to things like the food they eat or particles in the air. This would ensure that they can stay safe from allergies when they are exposed to those materials.

Cyclosporine For Dogs

If you are worried about the price of Cyclosporine For Dogs, you are not the only one. A lot of people, while they find this medication beneficial, find that it is quite expensive. However, there is a way in which you can reduce the dosage. Nowadays, doctors include a drug known as ketaconazole and they administer this drug along with the cyclosporine for dogs. This would not lower the effectiveness of the medication and you would be able to save money as this form of treatment is slightly cheaper.

The first thing that you have to consider before administering cyclosporine for dogs to your own pet is whether your pet is on any other medication. Usually, veterinarians do not recommend that a dog be put on any other medication along with the cyclosporine for dogs. However, there can be some cases where it can be done. Hence, the best route to take is to first consult your vet and take his advice on the matter. After all, your dog’s medical history cannot be ignored in this regard.

For any great drug that is available, one might notice that there are side effects and cyclosporine for dogs is no exception. It has been noticed that some dogs show certain symptoms such as vomiting and loose motion. In some cases, there has been a development of warts and damage to the dog’s gums as well. Thus, simply administering cyclosporine for dogs to your pet is not such a great idea. Consultation of your vet in any scenario is crucial.

After seeing the benefits and the disadvantages of cyclosporine for dogs, it can be safely added that this kind of medication is popular for a good reason. Allergy symptoms have been found to be greatly reduced and you can ensure that your pet stays healthy. Dogs are exposed to a number of health risks which is why cyclosporine for dogs is being widely used.


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